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Become a wordpress designer and learn how to make beautiful divi / elementor layouts and lots more. Start your wordpress design journey today.

100% online

Format – Live classes


Approx. 40 hours to complete


Hindi, English

About this Course

This course is for anybody looking for a career building WordPress websites or themes, or even hobbyists looking to learn a new skill.

We begin the course by getting familiar with WordPress and looking at how to install using a localhost.

Beginning with a music festival landing page, where you will get to grips with the new Gutenberg editor. We also look at widgets, adding pages, installing themes and the media library.

We then look at the WordPress essentials such as blog posts, pages, navigation menus and installing themes, all while building your very own blog website.

Once we have the basics covered, we move onto customising our blog using sliders, widgets, header images and working with the customiser. You will also get the chance to optimise your website for search engines and create backups.

The third project takes your WordPress knowledge even further. We create a fully functional eCommerce T-Shirt store. More techniques are introduced throughout this project such as dealing with products, categories, shipping, taxes, all while building a beautiful, custom website.

After completing the first 2 projects, we move things on even further by introducing you to WordPress Divi layouts designing by converting an existing PSD design website to a fully functional WordPress Divi layouts. This section involves in DIVI or Elementor builder.

This project introduces new techniques and you will gain a deeper knowledge of how WordPress DIVI or Elementor layouts are created. You will learn how WordPress templates are used and learn about various WordPress functions to design our layouts.

Finally, the last section will be focused on useful techniques to add to your WordPress knowledge. Here we will cover exporting your localhost websites to a live server, various plugins etc.

All images and files etc you will need is included to download, there is also need no extra software, subscriptions or purchases etc to complete or take this course.

So are you ready to take your web design or WordPress skills to the next level?

Join me now and I look forward to having you on board!

We will build 3 sites together:

  • A portfolio website.
  • A blog website.
  • A eCommerce website.

Learner Career Outcomes


Started a new career after completing these courses


Got a tangible career benefit from this course


Got a pay increase or promotion

Who am I?

I’m Mohammad, and I’ve been building websites for about 7 years now. Sharing is who I am, and teaching is where I am at my best, because I’ve been on both sides of that equation, and getting to deliver useful training is my meaningful way to be a part of the creative community.

Syllabus – What you will learn from this course

  1. Why WordPress?
  2. WordPress.org or WordPress.com?
  3. Where To Find WordPress Themes
  4. The WordPress Web Server
  5. Option1: Installing With Local (recommended)
  6. Option 2: Installing With XAMP
  7. The WordPress Dashboard
  8. Portfolio Website Project: What we will be building
  9. Portfolio Website Project: Installing Themes
  10. Portfolio Website Project: Creating Our First Page
  11. Portfolio Website Project: The Media Library
  12. Portfolio Website Project: The Gutenberg Editor
  13. Portfolio Website Project: Widgets
  14. What we will be building
  15. WordPress Blog: Project Setup
  16. WordPress Blog: Adding And Updating Posts
  17. WordPress Blog: Where To Find Great Photos For Your Blog Posts
  18. WordPress Blog: Including Media
  19. WordPress Blog: Users, Permissions & Managing Comments
  20. WordPress Blog: Adding Pages
  21. WordPress Blog: Adding Our Navigation Menu
  22. WordPress Blog: The Customizer In More Detail
  23. WordPress Blog: Adding Header Images
  24. WordPress Blog: Adding a Background Image
  25. WordPress Blog: Plugins & Social Media Integration
  26. WordPress Blog: Home Page Setup & Widgets
  27. WordPress Blog: Creating The Footer
  28. WordPress Blog: Adding a Slider
  29. WordPress Blog: Creating The Contact Form
  30. WordPress Blog: Improving SEO
  31. WordPress Blog: Backing Up Your Site
  32. WordPress eCommerce: Project Setup
  33. WordPress eCommerce: Getting Started With WooCommerce
  34. WordPress eCommerce: Product Categories, Tags & Attributes
  35. WordPress eCommerce: Adding Products
  36. WordPress eCommerce: Variable Products
  37. WordPress eCommerce: Home Page Layout & Slider
  38. WordPress eCommerce: Customising The Look Of Our Store
  39. WordPress eCommerce: Flexible Layouts Using Page Builder (Divi or Elementor)
  40. WordPress eCommerce: Rearranging Menus
  41. WordPress eCommerce: The Footer Area
  42. WordPress eCommerce: WooCommerce Settings & Managing Your Store
  43. Divi / Elementor Builder: Introduction
  44. Divi / Elementor Builder: Setup
  45. Divi / Elementor Builder: Berif about module or components
  46. Divi / Elementor Builder: Design Customization
  47. Divi / Elementor Builder: Convert PSD to Layout
  48. WordPress Multisite: Intro
  49. WordPress Multisite: What is a multisite?
  50. WordPress Multisite: Activating a WordPress network
  51. WordPress Multisite: Adding sites to a network
  52. WordPress Multisite: Users & the super admin
  53. WordPress Multisite: Plugins & themes
  54. WordPress Multisite: Allowing users to add websites to the network
  55. Bonus Lectures: Uploading to a live server
  56. Bonus Lectures: Essential plugins

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